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Mark D. Santero
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Click here to print the Complete Mortgage Application Package

If printing to legal-size paper is not an option, you can get a clear, readable printout of the mortgage application PDF file on letter-size paper (8.5x11" paper). Follow the procedure you normally use to print PDF files to letter-size paper. When the Print window appears on your screen, select the 'Fit to page' or 'Shrink to Fit' option. Continue with your normal printing procedure. The application documents will be reduced in size so that each page fits on letter-size paper.

Print individual mortgage application documents:

  1. Contact Information Form
  2. Residential Loan Application
  3. Borrower's Certification & Authorization
  4. Equal Credit Opportunity Act Notice
  5. Connecticut State Disclosure
  6. Mortgage Loan Origination Agreement
  7. Notice to Applicant of Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal Report
  8. Notice of Non Refundability
  9. USA Patriot Act Information Disclosure
  10. IRS Form 4506-T (Tax return transcript of Form 1040)
  11. Gift Letter
  12. Private Mortgage Insurance Disclosure